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By Mary Ogundimu WHAT DOES EASTER REPPRESENT? Several celebrations by believers today have a long history that regularly needs to be examined to understand the true meaning of such celebrations. Where does Easter come from and what does Easter represent? Overlapping history of Easter The history of the celebration of the resurrection of Christ coincides […]


The Power of words

By Sonia Ugwoha A word is a part of speech that allows for communication, it can be written or spoken.  As simple as words are, they have the power to build you up or tear you down. It is essential that we utilise words rightly. For instance, Genesis 1: 3(NLT) says“Then God said, “Let there […]


Mastering Romantic Relationships

By Uliyemi Annabel Wow! It’s Valentine’s Day again. The day we refer to as ‘lover’s day’. Ironically, the history of this day wasn’t a typical ‘lovers day’ as we know it to be. Honestly, I saw different stories about the history of Valentine’s Day and while they may differ in context, they all had something […]