NECF History

Our History

Near East Christian Fellowship was founded by Bro Yemi, who was a student of Near East University in with the aim to bring Christian students together in order to edify one another with God’s word, Prayer and supporting one another in everywhere possible, thereby growing together in Christ and bearing much fruit to the glory of God. The fellowship encountered difficulty with venue at the initial stage and meetings where not done regularly. At a point meeting stopped, but to God’s glory on November 2009, the Fellowship was given a hall in Akkm building in NEU, thereafter meetings became consistent. Whenever the venue was not available due to public holidays or closure of school facilities, fellowship meetings were moved to Lefkosa protestant Church building in Lefkosa.

After Brother Yemi graduated in June 2010, He handed over Leadership of the fellowship to Brother Nnamdi Nwulu in August 2010. He was at the time a Masters Student at NEU. Nnamdi Nwulu after successful stewardship handed over the mantle of leadership to Chukwuemeka Nnamani on January 25th 2011- Nnamani was a Student of Cyprus International University. At this time Bro. Felix Osiobor was assisting him. After Leading for a Semester, Bro. Felix Osiobor (assistant to Nnamani moved to Eastern Mediterranean University), Brother Toluwalope Gbakinro(CIU) and Freiderick Letong (NEU) became his assistants.

We had our first Prayer Conference on the 6th November 2012- the purpose of the conference was to bring believers from other fellowships together every semester to pray. – on that day, we were given the orange hall for the first time., since then the Near East Orange Hall became the official place of worship. Even though there were times that the fellowship went back to AKKM building, to Classes, LPC church building, the Near East Orange Hall became the permanent place of worship.

After much Prayers and conviction of the Holy Spirit, the Leadership was passed on to Bro. Emeka Obinze as the President with Freiderick Letong as his Vice on the 9th of April, 2013. After seeking the face of God in Prayer, with deep conviction, on the 27th of January 2014, the mantle of Leadership was passed over to Bro. Freiderick Letong as President, Bro. Chidi Wilson as the Vice President and Mike Bright as General Secretary and Bible Study coordinator, Bro. Shadrach Chibuzor as Prayer Coordinator, Emmanuel Adewusi was the leader of the worship team.

The fellowship maintains constant growth spiritually, numerically with many students coming and going. We had many people that have served and contributed massively in the growth and development of the church. Sister Nankwet Mamba, Christabel Arogo, Lois Abia, Manasseh Bwankwot, Israel Ochigbo and Nlebedim Chukwuebuka are among those whom have served and contributed in many ways.

With several reformation in names, Structure, leadership etc. We had change names from African students Fellowship, Lefkosa Christian Student Fellowship (LCSF), and now Near east Christian Students Fellowship (NECF). The Fellowship till this period has been an interdenominational setting where members come from different Churches in Lefkosa, we fellowship on Tuesdays and while on Sundays everyone goes to his church. Fellowship days have also change between Tuesdays and Mondays with other days for special programs.

In December 2017, there was a leading for the creation of Sunday Service on Campus to cater for as many Students on campus who do not go to church on Sundays but remain indoor in their dormitories. Throughout the year 2018, the leadership took time to Pray, seeking the face of God, and also through vigorous Planning and consultation with other Spiritual Leaders came to the conclusion to start Sunday services on Campus.

On the 17th of February 2019, the NECF Sunday services begun at home with about 7 members of the leadership. The Leadership resolved those members should take time and pray on what step to take. Even though members where strongly encouraged to remain in their Churches. On the 14th of April 2019 we move to the campus and begun fellowshipping behind the economic faculty, meanwhile normal interdenominational fellowship was holding on Mondays. Through Prayers and persistent pursuit of our vision for the fellowship, the orange hall was granted to us to use on Sundays. Today, the Church is fast growing and blessed to have many members cutting across differently Nationalities and universities in Lefkosa, we appreciate God for his faithfulness and look forward to greater things to come.