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Should Believers Practice Self-love?

by Sis. Livingpraise Akpan A quick Google search reveals that self-love can be defined as: ‘taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others’ and ‘not settling for less than you deserve.’ From the above definitions, we can see that self-love doesn’t sound like a bad idea. After all, how […]


Are You Too Afraid to Evangelize? This Approach Will Help

-by Bro. Anointed Enogwe On many occasions, I have gone out to evangelize while feeling afraid. Fear in evangelism is a common occurrence, which is why Larry Moyers said in his book –How to Book on Personal Evangelism: “Fear in evangelism is normal; it has nothing to do with the presence or lack of spirituality!” […]


How to Stick to Your Goals Even When You Feel Like Quitting

-by Sis. Oluwabukunmi Sowunmi Most people quit their New Year’s resolutions or goals. So, if you’ve already forgotten all about yours, you’re not alone. Research shows that most people begin a new year with much motivation. However, with each passing week, their motivation wanes and they eventually fall back into their old, unproductive habits. What […]