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By Mercy Fattim Miri We probably might have heard sayings like“what you speak you become”, “you are what you speak”, “words are powerful” etc. and all of these are true and correct. Many of us have testimonies about what positive confessions have done and how it has changed our lives for the better. We have […]


Meditation: a tool for transformation

By Sabareela Victory Moro I have always wondered why believers confess the word of God or read the word and nothing changes in their lives. It was a really big issue and it got me concerned. My narrative of this big issue changed when I read a book of the month “secrets of the secret […]


Get comfortable

Mayokun .B. Folorunso        As cliché as this heading may seem, it is what we need in troubling times. On this path to navigating life, every individual finds their way around surviving. But, unfortunately, some eventually don’t because they do not have the key to life. As John would say, “and the life was the […]


Deep Digging Till I See The Rock My Lord

-A Poem By Olaboye Michael || Deep digging till I see the Rock, my LordSure, I know, the digging won’t be easyBut with the knowledge & wisdom which is not of my own but from AboveI persist, until I achieve what He has called me for But, how deep will I dig?As deep to hold […]


Is Submission Of The Woman A Weakness?

-By Magdalene Victor || Submission is the state of being obedient, the act of accepting the authority or leadership of someone else. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary submission is defined as “an act of submitting to the authority or control of another” The woman is created by God to be under the authority of her […]