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What You Ought to Know About Emulating Christ’s Humility

by Magdalene Victor. Apostle Paul described the mindset of Christ Jesus in Philippians 2:1-11. Firstly, he urged the Church at Philippi to have the same mindset/attitude that Jesus had by emphasizing that although Jesus was God, He never claimed equality with the Father. Instead, Jesus assumed the lowly position of a servant, a status that […]


Meditation: a tool for transformation

By Sabareela Victory Moro I have always wondered why believers confess the word of God or read the word and nothing changes in their lives. It was a really big issue and it got me concerned. My narrative of this big issue changed when I read a book of the month “secrets of the secret […]


Deep Digging Till I See The Rock My Lord

-A Poem By Olaboye Michael || Deep digging till I see the Rock, my LordSure, I know, the digging won’t be easyBut with the knowledge & wisdom which is not of my own but from AboveI persist, until I achieve what He has called me for But, how deep will I dig?As deep to hold […]


Developing Patience

-By Lorato || Today, we live in a world where everything happens almost instantly. Many people no longer wait long periods of time to get things done. For instance, we have access to the internet making communication very easy compared to written letters that would often take days before they arrive. Patience: A Priceless Virtue […]