Deep Digging Till I See The Rock My Lord


-A Poem By Olaboye Michael ||

Deep digging till I see the Rock, my Lord
Sure, I know, the digging won’t be easy
But with the knowledge & wisdom which is not of my own but from Above
I persist, until I achieve what He has called me for

But, how deep will I dig?
As deep to hold the foundation of the house of my king
Well kept, preserved to doing His will
For my body His temple depicts

My strength comes from your Word
It’s by it I can win as I face the world
In it is the power to press on the course
I dig deep because on you I rely to achieve my call

I keep digging deep, the strongest I need to be
But it’s not by power, nor by might but by the Spirit who works in me to do His will
Digging deep until Him I meet
Yes I keep digging deep, until to me He reveals Himself

Digging deep in all situation
Not just n time of good, but in all occasion
Not letting anything else take your place
Nothing else but only you till I see your face

Reveal thyself O Lord as I continue to dig
The revelation that causes and keep me lit
By my own knowledge and strength, it’s vain indeed
If you alone with me be, then far much more deep will I dig

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