Canonicity Part 2- Kartatismos Day 2

Near East Christian Fellowship Sermons
Near East Christian Fellowship Sermons
Canonicity Part 2- Kartatismos Day 2

Day 2 of Kartatismos 2022

Canonicity Part 2 by Pastor Victor Markus

There has been a gap between what believers are taught in Churches and what they are being bombarded in their day-to-day life regarding the authority of the Word of God.

•A lot of Christians have been asked several questions regarding the Bible that they have no answer.

•Because of the knowledge gap, they become confused and begin to doubt the same Bible they have been reading for many years.

•I guess you have heard some of these questions.•Who selected what books are in the Bible?

•How can we know that the Bible we have today is a reliable record of the original writings?

•How do we know the Bible is the Word of God?•How were the books of the Bible selected?•Why were some books (e.g., the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Peter, Tobit, Judith) left out of the Bible?

•Why should we trust the Bible?

All these are questions we’ll cover on this topic

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