Setting the Mind on the Things of the Spirit Pt. 7


Audio recording of the sermon on Sunday 30th, April 2023

Setting the Mind on the Things of the Spirit Pt. 7 by Pastor Fredrick Yohanna Letong


We must first identify with Christ to set our minds on the things of the spirit. We should focus on Him and not on earthly things. Our identity is in Christ, and we should develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer, studying the Bible, and living a life that honours Him.

As we do this, our minds will be transformed, and we will develop a greater understanding and appreciation for the things of the spirit.

The phrase “with Christ” is mentioned three times in Col 3:1–4 Niv., each referring to a different aspect of the believer’s life: past, present, and future.

The past tense refers to the spirit of man, the present tense to the mind or soul of man, and the future tense to the transformation of the body upon the second coming of Jesus. Salvation has already made man the righteousness of God, but transformation through the renewing of the mind is essential for growth.

A person’s decisions are limited by the transformation of their mind, and knowledge plays a crucial role in this process. In summary, “with Christ” indicates that believers are already raised with Christ, hidden with Christ in God, and will appear with Christ in glory. This highlights the importance of spiritual transformation and the role of knowledge in the growth process.

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