Setting the Mind on the Things of the Spirit Pt. 6


Is once saved always saved?

The concept of being “born again” in Christianity refers to a spiritual rebirth that occurs when someone accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The belief in Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross is what makes a person righteous in God’s eyes.

According to the Bible, God has the power to keep believers from falling away. John 10:28–30 and Jude 1:24 speak to this idea, emphasizing that God will not allow those who believe in him to be taken away from his care.

It is important to note that salvation is not earned through works but is a gift from God. The idea of “working out” our salvation in Philippians 2:12 refers to the idea of living a life that reflects the salvation that has already been given to us rather than working for our salvation.

Believers are also promised that they cannot be condemned and will not come to judgment leading to condemnation, according to John 5:24. This speaks to the idea of eternal security for those who have put their faith in Jesus.

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