Setting the Mind on the Things of the Spirit Pt. 4


Setting the Mind on the Things of the Spirit Pt. 4 by Pastor Fredrick Yohana Letong

Colo 3:1-3

Our lives should be a reflection of our confession


God is light and in him is no darkness at all

What God will use to teach you is not sickness. He is not evil

“Holiness means God is different. Set apart.

Deu 24:16

We are not sinners because Adam ate the apple. Adam fell because of unbelief.

“Everyone who sins, his teeth shall be set on edge.” Everyone who sins, shall

Be punished for their own sin

The sin of Adam was not directly passed across to everyone

Heb 11:4:

Pleasing God is done by faith. How? By believing in Jesus. The just shall live by faith.

What then happens to children when they die being children if we say the sin of Adam automatically passes to every human being? Or a man in exile who dies in that state?


When can a man become a sinner?

There is compassion in God’s justice system. He is fair and just.

We inherit moral corruption but are free to make choices. Moral corruption is what the law comes to show. Your acceptance of God is not based on moral conduct but on faith.

Our body is what we inherited from Adam that will die and pass away

When the gospel is presented and a person rejects it by will, then the person is a sinner by choice.

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